• Don Grosh NOS Retro, Grosh 60's Fat & Small Block 327 pickups, 2014
  • Collings I-35LC semi-hollowbody, Lollar Low-Wind Imperial pickups, 2015
  • Valhalla Custom '51 T Relic, Dominger Custom Twang pickups, 2016
  • California Artist Guitars Custom T, CAC pickups, 2016
  • Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594, 58115LT pickups, 2016
  • Fender American Standard Stratocaster, Dimarzio Area '61 & Chopper pickups, 1999 
  • Fender Standard Telecaster, Dimarzio Area T pickups, 1995
  • Fender American Standard Stratocaster, Fishman Fluence pickups, 1993
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard, Dimarzio 36th Anniversay PAF pickups, 2002
  • Bill Nash TK-54, Lollar Imperial and Special pickups, 2012
  • Kiesel Solo Classic 7-string, Kiesel Lithium K14 pickups, 2017
  • F Bass Hammertone 12-string mandolin/guitar hybrid, 2014
  • Danelectro '56 reissue baritone, 2015


  • Martin 000-C1E, 1997
  • Kasuga dreadnaught, 1972
  • Cordoba GK Studio nylon, 2013
  • Kamoa tenor ukulele, 2012


  • Pure Sixty-Four Mean Street GEN-III head, 44 watts 6L6, 1x12 cabinet w/ Custom Eminence
  • Naylor Duel 60 head, 60 watts 6L6, 1x12 cabinet w/ Eminence CV-75
  • Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2x12 w/ Celestion V30s
  • Fender Blues Junior w/ Eminence Tonkerlite and "Bill M." mod
  • Supro Neptune, 2x12, 25 watts
  • Supro Stateman head, 50 watts 6L6, 2x12 cabinet
  • Paul Reed Smith Sonzera 20w combo w/ Celestion V70
  • Kemper Profiling Amplifier head for direct recording


  • Board #1: a Pedaltrain PT2 powered via Voodoo Labs PP2+, currently employing in signal order: MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, MXR Super Badass Variac Fuzz, J. Rockett Lettieri Signature OD, J. Rockett Guthrie Trapp OD, MXR EVH Phase 90, Ernie Ball VP Jr., Line 6 M5 (JVH3 modded), Empress Tremolo, TC Electronic Nova Delay, TC Electronic Hall of Fame Verb
  • Board #2: a vegetable cutting board powered via One-Spot, currently employing in signal order: TC Electronic Polytune Mini, TC Electronic Sub n' Up, J. Rockett .45 Cal OD, J. Rockett Dude OD, MXR Phase 45, TC Electronic Pipeline Tremolo, Jim Dunlop Mini Volume, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, DOD Rubberneck Delay, TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb
  • There are also three drawers in my studio filled with more great pedals that get swapped in and out depending on the job (or my mood). 


  • Jim Dunlop Nickel Wound 9.5-44, 10-46 
  • Jim Dunlop standard black celluloid picks, heavy gauge
  • Fishman TriplePlay wireless guitar synth system and Aura Acoustic Imaging D.I. 
  • CTM in-ear monitors
  • Logix Pro X, Apogee Duet & ONE interfaces, Apple computers