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                  April 25, 2014:
                  Home from an amazing two weeks in Dordrecht, Holland recording with Snarky Puppy and the Metropole Orkest. Brand new SP music with a full 52-piece orchestra. Ya'll have no idea. In other news, some new local dates up in May, hope to see you D/FW-ers out and about.  
                  March 14, 2014: Hanging out in Brattleboro, VT at the moment, Snarky Puppy US Tour 2014. Been to lots of nice places like Atlanta, Austin, New Orleans, Charlotte and Boston just to name a few. Also made a brief detour to Jakarta, Indonesia (!!!) to play the Java Jazz Festival which was quite epic. See ya on the road! 
                  January 26, 2014: WHOA. AGAIN. We just won the stinkin' GRAMMY!!! Thank you everyone!!! 
                  December 6, 2013: WHOA. Snarky Puppy's recording of "Something" with Lalah Hathaway from the Family Dinner Vol. 1 album has been nominated for the GRAMMY award in the category of Best R&B Performance!!! This. Is. Insane.  
                  November 9, 2013: Just finished a rockin' month in Europe with Snarky Puppy making a record, and playing in a bunch of new places. Then immediately to the studio for a week to work on Anthony Evans' (the Voice: Season 2) project. Also, the "Futurefun" EP has been really well received! Look for a DFW official release show in January, perhaps. Check out a nice little review here:  
                  September 10, 2013: AAAANNND IT'S HERE! My new EP, "Futurefun" is available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby, etc., and stream-able on Spotify. I'll be selling physical copies at select Snarky Puppy tour dates beginning Sept. 14 (see calendar) or you can order one from and have it shipped to ya. Also, the new Snarky Puppy record "Family Dinner Vol. 1" is now available. Lots of new music with which to blow your socks off.  
                  August 16, 2013: The EP is almost finished! Listening to the masters as I type. Can't want to get this one out to ya! It'll be available on all your favorite retailers (iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc.) and at select Snarky Puppy shows this fall.  
                  July 4, 2013: Happy 'Merica Day, everyone! Spending most of July working on my new solo EP! Look out for an early Fall release. Some August dates with Erykah are up, and will be posting my Fall Snarky Puppy US/Europe schedule soon. Now for some BBQ and fireworks. 
                  May 19, 2013: Guitar Summit 2013 was AMAZING. Big thanks to Kevin Wilson for throwing it all together. Gave a little clinic, performed some tunes, and then got to hang out with and watch monsters like Erick Walls, Jonathan Dubose, Jairus Mozee, Isaiah Sharkey, Andy Wood and Michael Ripoll do the same. Quite an experience. Make sure you attend next year! 
                  May 8, 2013: Wrapped up a whirlwind of a US/Europe two month tour with Snarky Puppy in Denton, TX last night. Craziness. Now gearing up for the Guitar Summit 2013 at Duke University in Raleigh, NC. If you're a guitarist (or any kind of musician, really), you need to check this out! Head to for tickets and more info.  
                  Mar 16, 2013: March has been off to a roaring start. Finished an incredible live CD/DVD recording for the Snarky Puppy "Family Dinner" series, featuring singers like Lalah Hathaway, N'Dambi and Lucy Woodward. Look out for the release soon. Headed to Europe with the Pups, did a guitar masterclass for the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, UK, and have played some incredible shows with the boys. Also have been eating entirely too much. Writing this from the the Shofukan Japanese Cultural Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  
                  Feb 27, 2013: Solid show at the Granada Theater last night with the Badu gang. Tonight, the Gritz release the single "That Kind of Girl" featuring Raheem DeVaughan and Snoop Dogg at the Prophet Bar! Headed to Roanoke, VA next week for the Snarky Puppy Family Dinner live recording, and then off to Europe with the Pups for a bit. 
                  Jan 28, 2013:
                  GREAT weekend at the NAMM show with Snarky Puppy and the Rockett Pedals folks. Saw some great musicians and played some lovely gear. Trio show at Dan's in Denton, TX tomorrow. See ya there.  
                  Nov 25, 2012: My leg of the Snarky Puppy Europe tour is finished; rousing success of 13 shows in the UK. Great times indeed. Lots of stuff coming up in the next few weeks: Gigs with Anthony Evans and Chrisette Michele, and a New Years Eve hit with Erykah Badu in Oakland, CA. BIG NEWS: The Symbolyc One-produced single for 50 Cent, featuring Eminem and Adam Levine, entitled "My Life," has just been released. My Strat's on there. Download and enjoy! 
                  Nov 11, 2012: Six days into the Snarky Puppy UK tour, and things are amazing. Great shows in Bristol, Coventry, Birmingham, St. Helens and Liverpool so far. No Beatles sightings, however.  
                  Oct 7, 2012: Just finished up three amazing weeks with Snarky Puppy. Played Texas, Chicago, Toronto, LA and San Francisco (among other cities). Looking forward to the UK run in November. Check the calendar for some dates with Badu, and a show with my trio in good ol' Denton, TX this month! 
                  Aug 16, 2012: "Guitarky Puppy" was a rousing success. Thanks to everyone who attended, the boyz who played, and the staff at Shapeshifter Lab for being so awesome. A few more dates with Chrisette Michele on the books, then out on the road to meet up with the Snarky Puppy fam for some US touring. Check the calendar to see where we'll be at. Also, keep an ear out for Xzibit's record Napalm this fall. It features some choice joints produced by Symbolyc One, on which I was honored to play some geetar.  
                  July 26, 2012: Erykah Badu summer Europe tour is complete. What a whirlwind. 13 shows in 11 countries over a month. Back in the 'States getting in to the swing of things. A few sessions here and there with folks like the Gritz. Couple of shows with Chrisette Michele coming up, and some more touring with Snarky Puppy. AND: a really awesome show at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn for "Guitarky Puppy": the Guitarists of Snarky Puppy. Bob, Chris and I are each going to play a set of our original material, then join up to play some choice SP hits. It goes down Aug. 14, 7:30pm. Visit the Facebook event page for more info. Search "Guitarky Puppy."  
                  July 8, 2012: Two weeks in to the Erykah Badu "Love Freaq" summer Europe tour. Been to seven countries already. Had some incredible food, seen some incredible sights, and oh yeah, played some killer shows! Can't wait to see what these last two weeks will bring.  
                  June 15, 2012: Finished up rehearsals with Erykah Badu and crew for the Europe tour. LOTS of tunes to remember! If you're in the EU, check us out. I'll be the one wearing the t-shirt that says "Token White Guitarist." Seriously.  
                  June 4, 2012:
                  Been out with the Snarky Puppy family for the past week and half. Great shows in Colorado (Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver), Witchita KS, Tulsa OK, and an appearance at the Wakarusa Festival in Ozark AR. Tonight we're in Nashville TN at 12th & Porter. Good times.  
                  May 15, 2012: Headed to Nashville this weekend to play with the great Philip "Philthy" Lassiter, opening for the amazing Tommy Sims and Shannon Sanders. Come see us at 3rd and Lindsey on Friday.  
                  April 25, 2012: First post in a while. Last few weeks have been a blur. Probably because I got married! Typing this from my hotel in Kauai, HI on a much needed vacation (honeymoon) with my chick. 
                  March 5, 2012: Snarky Puppy tour is in full swing. Canada is awesome, eh. I learned I can still play guitar with a plastic toy space helmet on my head.  
                  February 29, 2012: First two shows of the Snarky Puppy tour, in Boston and NYC, respectively, have been amazing. My bros the Funky Knuckles have been joining us, and killing it every night. Please go get their new record, "As of Lately." Oh yeah! Snarky Puppy has a new live CD/DVD out too, called "GroundUP." Get that too,) See ya on the road.  
                  February 7, 2012: Tonight's the night! The "official" CD release show of my "Knows" record, featuring the Funky Knuckles and RSVP at the Prophet Bar. If you're in the Dallas area, c'mon down! 
                  February 3, 2012: Lots o' session work with my man S1 (producer for Beyonce, Kanye West), rehearsing with my trio for the Feb. 7 "Knows" album "official" release show. And, I joined Twitter. Please follow, if you're into that sort of social networking hullabaloo. @marklettieri 
                  January 25, 2012
                  : NAMM was super cool. Jammed at the Rockett Pedals booth, saw some incredible musicians play, and hung out with some too. Crazy products coming out this year. I was particularly impressed with Carr Amplifiers and G-Sharp Guitars. Also, Myron Butler recently released his new disc (on which I played) yesterday, entitled "Worship." Please go grab it. It'll bless ya!,) 
                  December 16, 2011: Snarky Puppy live recording is in full swing! Final two performances are tonight. Lots of amazing musical moments thus far, and awesome crowds too. Also, the boys in the band all got endorsed by the good people at D'Addario! Big thanks to the paisano Marco for treating us like kings and welcoming Snarky to the D'Addario family of artists!! 
                  December 10, 2011: Lots of session work thus far this month for great Texas artists like Tamela Mann and Kenneth Mosely, and some cool Christmas tunes for Daystar. Gearing up for the Snarky Puppy live recording this week in good ole' Brooklyn, NY. Visit for more info on how to attend! 
                  November 25, 2011: Come out to the Green Elephant tonight to check out the Funky Knuckles, RSVP and Sky Window! The Knuckles will be playing songs from their upcoming EP, as well as a few of my tunes from "Knows." Show starts at 8pm. Gon' be a good time.  
                  November 12, 2011: Daystar Refreshing Times Conference was great, filled in at the last minute with the Kurt Carr band, and got waxed on my gospel chops (wish I'd had a minute to listen/learn the songs). Looking at possible venues to book the "Knows" CD release party. Off to Pocola, OK (where?!) with the Ray Johnston Band...I'm on bass. Be afraid. 
                  November 3, 2011: "Knows" is here! Get it on iTunes, Cd Baby or the trunk of my car!  
                  Session today with maestro Fred Hammond, and then off to rock with the Daystar Band for the opening night of the Refreshing Times Conference. 
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